Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting a Real Estate Mortgage Loan

By Naresh Shah

Once the real estate economy and pricing are understood, the next factor a person has to know is real estate mortgage. Generally people have low income levels; they can't afford a home spending huge amount. In order to give them safety and security most of banks today provide mortgage loans. Before going for a mortgage loan from a bank it is compulsory for you to understand mortgage loan amount and interest. There are many nationalized banks providing cheap interest rates and huge loan amounts. When you are going for a loan, it is compulsory for you to calculate amount payable to a bank for a year or month. There are some mortgage calculators available online; these calculators will be of good help. They make you understand mortgage loans and they help you in finding the loan amount to be paid monthly or year.

Before going for a mortgage loan, you should analyze legal issues of the bank. Some banks foreclose the properties within short time. They take away property when the bank loan amount is pending for duration of 6 months. When you are going to buy a real estate you should check out the laws and regulations of that bank in order to be on safe side.

Short sale will be a good idea for you when you intend to buy a real estate. Short sale happens when a bank or mortgage lender agrees to give a discount on the property. This discount is generally given based on the economic hardship of the mortgagor. Short sales are generally provided for people in order to prevent a home from foreclosure.

Some of governments provide a special policy for getting a stay on the house when you won't be able to pay amount in proper time. How ever this stay won't come quite easily it needs a strong reason. First you should understand government rules, federal taxes etc so that there won't be any threat from them in the future.

Once you have planned everything for buying a real estate, it is a good practice for you to go for a real estate investment trust. This trust helps you to reduce income taxes, and increases your house rent allowance. This trust helps you to invest some amount as mutual funds on real estate. It helps you in understanding estate trends and lets you maximize profit.

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