Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting a Mortgage Loan After Foreclosure

By James McKerr

Getting a mortgage loan after foreclosure can be a daunting options when it comes to finding another mortgage. You need not be such with an extortionate bad credit mortgage where you are paying much higher interest rates than everyone else. The time to start taking action is straight away.

Pay you bills on time. This may sound easy but it we are all guilty of simply forgetting from time to time. Each time we forget our credit score gets hit. If you need to list out your regular payments and place the note somewhere where you will see it every day

Renegotiate your existing finance. If you are able to switch any existing credit onto lower interest scheme you would be a fool not to. Who would not want to save money right?
Start saving. The larger down payment on a house you have the cheaper the mortgage you will be able to find. Start saving today, even if it is only a few dollars each week, just try to get into the habit.

Set a budget. In order to control your spending to help you with both paying of your existing debts and saving for a down payment set a monthly budget where you decide before each month what you have to spend. When you know the amount is limited you will be surprised how easy it is to cut out unnecessary spending. You will soon be amazed how much money you were wasting each month before the budget was set.

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